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Are you looking for an easy way to organise & back up your photos - but think it's too much trouble or not worth it ?

My opinion:
The truth is that most people I know find it difficult to organise their photos and often don't back them up - thinking that it's fine just to have them on their computer or mobile device (iPhone, iPad etc.).  Then one day, their mobile device gets stolen or damaged or their PC hard drive crashes and suddenly in a blink of an eye they realise - too late - that they've lost all their precious photos - maybe from holidays with friends that will never be repeated.  I'm not making this up - my daughter recently had her PC hard drive crash (it was under warranty) but she still lost her important photos.  Yes, sometimes you can get them back if you send the drive off to a forensic laboratory (you can say goodbye to quite a bit of money if you have to go down this route) or sometimes if you buy some expensive software you might be able to do this yourself (although this can actually make things worse) - but hey wouldn't you rather save yourself all this hassle and worry ?

A simple way to organise your photos and videos

The secret to organising all your files (documents, photos, videos) is to set up a digital filing system.  It's quick and easy if you follow my 7 Step Guide