Welcome to your one stop location for all the information you’ll need on:

  • Techniques for using your computer, mobile devices and apps to create stunning photos and videos
  • Reviews of some of the hottest most useful photo and video products on the market right now
  • Photo and video techniques for internet marketing & sales promotion

  • Digital photography has opened up a whole new world of photo fun and exciting new ways to capture your precious moments – birthdays, weddings, holidays, children growing up, places visited, times with friends and family and so much more.

  • There are so many new digital devices to show off your photos and videos – computers, wide-screen high-definition TVs, iPods, iPads, Photo Frames, smart phones and of course ever more sophisticated digital cameras and camcorders that can make even the amateur look more and more like a professional.

  • BUT, for many, all this new high-tech wizardry can be overwhelming and confusing and unfortunately many photos get lost, forgotten or else it takes ages to find them; often, in the end, they never get shown in their best light (no pun intended).

Over the coming weeks and months this site will be filling up with tips and tricks based on years of practical experience

Advice on how to capture those special times in your life – weddings, holidays, birthdays, times with friends and family.

How to promote your work on the internet using photos and videos and who I look to for trusted information and who I avoid !

Keep checking back for new content.

In the meantime, the Digital Photo Wizard suggests you look here or here (UK visitors)

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