Are you looking to create HD quality videos but want a video camera that’s small enough to go in your pocket ?

My opinion:


The Flip Ultra HD and its cousin the Flip Mino HD pocket video camera (which my wife bought for me as a Christmas present a few years ago) are both extremely useful – easy to carry anywhere – pocket video cameras. I have mine with me when I’m out and about and use it as a backup to my larger, more sophisticated Panasonic SD900 camcorder.I typically import HD video clips from the Flip into my iMovie video editing software on my iMAC computer so I can create more sophisticated movies, but the Flip comes with its own software for easy movie production so anyone can create some great videos with these relatively inexpensive gadgets.The older Flip models (like mine) didn’t have image stabilisation, whereas the newer models do.  In any case, stabilisation only works to a degree and you’re actually much better off trying to get non-jerky video at the point of videoing.  It’s actually a lot easier than you think.  Here are a few tips you can use:

  • Stand still, with your feet slightly apart and, if necessary brace your arm holding the Flip with your other arm – move slowly and smoothly.
  • Use a monopod – these are light and pretty unobtrusive – but they help keep the pocket video camcorder from jumping up and down and this greatly improves video quality
  • Perch your arm, or the Flip, on a wall – again I sometime use a small pocket-sized or table-top tripod which you can easily sit on top of a wall, statues or other handy items that are often around.

The pocket videos, much in common with their larger counterparts, provide much better results in good lighting so try to avoid taking video in low light conditions if you can.

Kodak Zi8 & Flip Ultra HD Video Review



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