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Just got a new iPad, iPhone or iPod – not sure how to get the most out of it for digital photography & videos ?

What are the best iPad Apps ?

There is a bewildering variety of applications (Apps) that you can download from the Apple App Store. You should already have an App Store App which looks like this:
Best iPad Apps




already installed on your iPad. This App lets you easily search for, buy and install Apps that you want – they vary from being free to a few pounds / dollars each.  The iPad runs nearly all applications designed for the iPhone and iPod touch; the App Store also features applications designed specifically for the iPad.

So, which are the best iPad Apps ? Fortunately, many of the Apps are pretty good and you can read the specific write-up on the App and individual reviews to get an idea as to which Apps users favour.  As someone who has purchased and used a number of Apps, I’m aware that new ones (and updates to old ones) are being published very, very frequently and it’s hard to keep up.  However, below, I’ll give my own opinion as to some of the best iPad Apps for digital photo and video enthusiasts that you may find useful and why.

My Opinion:

Organising your photos:

If you sync your Apple iPad / iPhone / Ipod with iTunes then you can arrange to have your photos and videos in folders.  But what do you do if you take photos / videos on your mobile device ?  The short answer is that your photos will be held in the ‘camera roll’ within your photo library:
Photo App



That’s fine when you have a 50 – 100 photos but as that number grows it becomes more inconvenient to have them all in the camera roll depicted as a long sequence of thumbnails.  The latest Apple release does allow you to set up folders but these are in effect views on the camera roll.  I find it far more convenient to have a dedicated App for organising my photos / videos. The App Secret Photo+ Folder HD for iPad is very good:


Secret Photo Folder HD for iPad

Secret Photo+ HD





It allows you to import photos and videos from your camera roll and organise them into visually very convenient folders which makes it much easier to find and show them off to friends and family.  The iPad is a superb mobile digital device for displaying your photos and videos – better than a photo frame and far more convenient than physical photo albums because you can carry around loads of photos and videos without the weight and bulkiness of printed photos.

This App is only available for iPad users.  For iPhone and iPod Touch users I’d probably use an App such as Photo Manager Pro:


Photo Manager Pro

Photo Manager Pro 





I haven’t used this App myself but the write-up and the reviews suggest that it’s very similar and probably equally good.

Transferring photos & videos between your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch:

To make it easy to wirelessly transfer photos and videos from my computer to my mobile device (works for iPad / iPod / iPhone), one of the best iPad apps I’ve found is PhotoSync:


Photo SyncPhotoSync





PhotoSync allows you to transfer between all your i-devices without having to pay extra and you can also upload photos directly to Facebook etc.  I have found the app sometimes crashes on the iPad if you try to transfer hundreds of photos at one go, but I’ve never had it crash if you transfer say 60 – 70 photos at a time.  It’s also very easy to transfer and back-up photos and videos you take on the iPad / iPhone / iPod to your Apple MAC computer.

Note: Apple’s iCloud:

With the latest operating system for Apple mobile devices (IOS 5) you can back up your photos and videos (as well as your apps and music) to the Cloud.  This means if you update to a newer device you can restore all your backed-up photos to your new device (or if you need to reset your current device to its factory settings).  Currently, Apple doesn’t let you restore individual photos or videos so it’s an ‘all or nothing’ arrangement – but still much safer than not backing up and then find you lose all your precious memories.

I’ll post updates to this page in the near future so please re-visit frequently.